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Sportshall Showdown:
A great afternoon had by all with our track and field events. Speed bounce, long jump and chest pass, as well as some running and relay races. Well done Mrs Leonard's team - Leonard's Lightning - that came 1st!! Scroll down for the full results

Click on the numbers below to watch the videos and Click HERE for our turning book of photos:

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Full Results
Pos. Team Girls Field Events Boys Field Events Girls Track Events Boys Track Events Relays Total
1st Leonard’s Lightning 40 46 26 27 26 165
2nd Regan’s Riot 43 40 27 22 24 156
3rd Gascoigne’s
41 30 29 25 22 147
4th Jones’ Jaguars 37 36 21 23 28 145
5th Craven’s Chaos 29 40 17 25 20 131

2016 Champions
Chesterton CE Primary School

Chesterton CE Primary SchoolDownload all these results and full details of the whole event here
Field Events
Event Winner Distance/ Score
Maple Girls Long Jump Isabelle Goddard 1.00m
Maple Boys Long Jump Gus/Joshua/Noah 0.82m
Year 1 Girls Long Jump Honour Woodrow 1.10m
Year 1 Boys Long Jump Ollie M./Toby Hutt 1.06m
Year 2 Girls Long Jump Katie Smith 1.16m
Year 2 Boys Long Jump Toby Richings 1.36m
Year 3 Girls Long Jump Ruby Evans 1.57m
Year 3 Boys Long Jump Jack Martin 1.30m
Year 4 Girls Long Jump Holly McLellan 1.20m
Year 4 Boys Long Jump Tom Blakey/Will Rotherham 1.48m
Year 5 Girls Long Jump Charlotte Kavanagh 1.53m
Year 5 Boys Long Jump Benjamin Horseman 1.64m
Year 6 Girls Long Jump Lucy Hayes 1.96m
Year 6 Boys Long Jump Bradley Kernan 1.70m
Maple Girls Speed Bounce Isabelle Goddard 22
Maple Boys Speed Bounce Joshua Horseman 19
Year 1 Girls Speed Bounce Charlotte Hornby 30
Year 1 Boys Speed Bounce Toby Hutt 24
Year 2 Girls Speed Bounce Katie Smith 24
Year 2 Boys Speed Bounce Christian Carry 33
Year 3 Girls Speed Bounce Ruby Evans 34
Year 3 Boys Speed Bounce Jack Martin 35
Year 4 Girls Speed Bounce Evie Thornton 39
Year 4 Boys Speed Bounce Zac Powell 38
Year 5 Girls Speed Bounce Charlotte Kavanagh 51
Year 5 Boys Speed Bounce Alex Bell 46
Year 6 Girls Speed Bounce Georgia Usher 58
Year 6 Boys Speed Bounce Bradley Kernan 50
Maple Girls Chest Push Manasvi/Joely/Isabelle 2.00m
Maple Boys Chest Push Noah Sinclair-Pearson 2.50m
Year 1 Girls Chest Push Honour Woodrow 2.50m
Year 1 Boys Chest Push Ollie M. 3.00m
Year 2 Girls Chest Push Katie Smith 3.50m
Year 2 Boys Chest Push Josh Cresswell 4.50m
Year 3 Girls Chest Push Ruby Evans 4.25m
Year 3 Boys Chest Push Kyle Kernan/Thomas Grenfell 4.75m
Year 4 Girls Chest Push Holly McLellan 4.00m
Year 4 Boys Chest Push Alfie Clarke 5.75m
Year 5 Girls Chest Push Charlotte Kavanagh 6.75m
Year 5 Boys Chest Push Ben Baxter 6.00m
Year 6 Girls Chest Push Millie Mansley 6.25m
Year 6 Boys Chest Push Bradley Kernan 6.75m
Track Events
Event Winner Time
Maple Girls One Lap Isabelle Goddard 19.62 secs
Maple Boys One Lap Joshua Horseman 18.30 secs
Year 1 Girls One Lap Honour Woodrow 17.40 secs
Year 1 Boys One Lap Oliver Rossiter 17.37 secs
Year 2 Girls One Lap Isla Simpson 16.58 secs
Year 2 Boys One Lap Christian Carry 15.30 secs
Year 3 Girls One Lap Ruby Evans 15.93 secs
Year 3 Boys One Lap Thomas Grenfell 14.98 secs
Year 4 Girls One Lap Holly McLellan 15.09 secs
Year 4 Boys One Lap Zac Powell 14.39 secs
Year 5/6 Girls One Lap Kate Stephenson 15.99 secs
Year 5/6 Boys One Lap Ben Baxter 15.20 secs
Year 5 Girls Two Lap Charlotte Kavanagh 27.24 secs
Year 5 Boys Two Lap Benjamin Horseman 27.36 secs
Year 6 Girls Two Lap Lucy Hayes 27.75 secs
Year 6 Boys Two Lap Henry Williams 27.55 secs
Maple/Year 1 Relay Jones' Jaguars
(Isabelle Goddard, Charlotte Hornby,
Joshua Reed, Edward Dallas)
80.82 secs
Girls Relay Leonard's Lightning
(Katie Smith, Lilly Bramham,
Holly McLellan, Millie Mansley)
63.02 secs
Boys Relay Leonard's Lightning
(Christian Carry, Jack Martin,
Alfie Clarke, Ben Baxter)
63.09 secs
Year 5/6 Mixed Relay Regan's Riot
(Jack Evans, Zach Cooke,
Charlotte Kavanagh, Lucy Hayes)
56.86 secs

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