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Welcome to Pupils: Certificates

Amazing Authors 2017-18
  Maple Beech Ash Apple Oak
October Illija Petrovic Harry Mew
Herbie Allmond
Anabelle Meek Amy Miles Kat Carry
December Barney Taylor Meriel Woodrow Gus Floyd Chris Meek Seb Percival
March Jacob Taunton Poppy Muddiman-Wickson Amelie Barlow Oscar Williams Finn Gauld

Marvellous Mathematicians 2017-8
  Maple Beech Ash Apple Oak
October Luca Steptoe Manny Donaldson Oliver Rossiter Kyle Kernan Will Rotherham
December Pippa Evans Finlay Haynes Joshua Reed Evie Walford Courtney Matthews
March Imogen Rossiter Eleanor Messum Amelia Hawes Josh Cresswell Millie Lewis

Reading Raffle 2017-18
October Honour Woodrow James M      
November Ted Thornton Myiesha Khan Oliver Rossiter    
December Josh Cresswell James M Lucy Billington    
January Jack Happell Jess Cresswell Luca Steptoe Will Reeves Jessie Ward
February Finlay Haynes Chris Meek Finlay Haynes    
March Jacob Taunton Ruby Chandler      
April Isabelle Goddard Megan Allmond      

Gold Certificates 2017-18
  Maple Beech Ash Apple Oak
Term 1 Ruby Blackman
Harold Lane Fox
Poppy Muddiman-Wickson
Harry Mew
Jessica Honour
Oscar Horwood
Harry Leach
Toby Richings
James M
Jess Cresswell
Term 2 Dotty Powell
Ethan Coles
William Isaac
Willow Bosher
Olivia Morgan-Griffin
Isabelle Goddard
Megan Allmond
Benji Blakey
Phoebe Hutt
Connor Reeve
Term 3 Bella Williams
Jacob Taunton
Oliver Couling
Sophia Shirvell
Joely Donaldson
Zayaan Khan
Josh Cresswell
Oscar Williams
Tom Blakey
Emily Atkins
Term 4   Elissa White
Billy Brelsford
Lucy Billington
Oliver Rossiter
Jack Happell
Thomas Grenfell
Evie Thornton
Luke Gavrilovic

Headteacher's Awards 2017-18
Date Pupil Class House Reason
December 2017 Thomas Blakey Oak Penrose For making an outstanding contribution across the curriculum, from Maths to P.E. Tom is also an extremely efficient assistant in gathering and recording house points.
December 2017 Edward Dallas Ash Penrose You have shown an outstanding level of effort in everything that we have done. You have always been willing to accept challenges and push yourself. You are kind and courteous to those around you and Mrs Rotherham assures us that you’re a fantastic pirate too!
March 2018 Olivia Morgan-Griffin Ash Squire For sharing her fantastic writing with me. I could see how much effort had gone in to making it her absolute best. It was definitely the highlight of my week!

Amazing Authors 2016-17
Chesterton CE Primary School
  Maple Beech Ash Apple Oak
October Manny Donaldson
Albie Floyd
Walter Lane-Fox
Lucy Billington
Charlotte Hornby Chris Meek Gemma Blake
December Elissa White Oliver Couling Luke Bowkett Jessie Ward Charlie Richings
February Poppy Muddiman-Wickson Jessica Honour
Harriet Ford
Caitlin Tingey Will Reeves Inés Piaget-Thompson
May Herbie Allmond William Watson Kaitlyn Matthews
Amelie Barlow
Charlie Reeve Tom Blakey

Marvellous Mathematicians 2016-17
  Maple Beech Ash Apple Oak
February Meriel Woodro Oscar Horwood Evie Walford Ruby Evans Benjamin Horseman

Reading Raffle 2016-17
Chesterton CE Primary School
October Bobbie Brelsford Kat Carry Maggie Smith  
November Olwen Parsons Meriel Woodrow Oliver Evans  
December Manasvi Abhilash Tyler Nix Holly McLellan  
January Gus Floyd Ted Thornton Toby Richings Emily Martin
February Jess Cresswell Benjamin Horseman Emily Martin  
March Chris Meek Amelie Barlow CJ Hawes Finlay Haynes
April Katherine Carry Mathilde Porter Ruby Chandler  
May Ruby Chandler Charlie Richings Harry Leach  
June Rosie Ashton Ted Thornton Emily Fuller  

Gold Certificates 2016-17
Chesterton CE Primary School
  Maple Beech Ash Apple Oak
Term 1 Sara Viner-Smith
Herbie Allmond
James Hooke
Joely Donaldson
Toby Richings
Oliver Morris
Alfie Clarke
Will Reeves
Connor Reeve
James Morris
Term 2 Albie Floyd
Clemmie Watson
Emily Fuller
Nat Brelsford
Josh Cresswell
Beccy Ellacott
Finn Gauld
Mathilde Porter
Emily Atkins
Jack Evans
Term 3 Poppy Simpson
Eleanor Messum
Harriet Ford
Lucy Billington
Olwen Parsons
Amelie Barlow
Carissa Murfitt
Chris Meek
Emily Martin
Rosie Ashton
Term 4 Poppy Muddiman-Wickson
Manny Donaldson
Olivia Morgan-Griffin
Lucy Billington
Jack Happell
Amy Miles
Bobbie Brelsford
Mathilde Porter
Richard Hawkins
Luke Baxter
Term 5 Meriel Woodrow
Sophie Happell
Anabelle Meek
Oliver Couling
Benji Blakey
Honour Woodrow
Katherine Carry
Thomas Grenfell
Holly McLellan
Charlotte Kavanagh
Gemma Blake
Maggie Smith
Term 6 Haiqa Khan
CJ Hawes
Gus Floyd
Walter Lane-Fox
Edward Dallas
Katie Smith
Charlie Newbery
Evie Thornton
Thomas Blakey
Ollie Horwood
Special Guests Millie Mansley, Jess Rotherham & Lucy Hayes

Headteacher's Awards 2016-17
Date Pupil Class House Reason
Chesterton CE Primary School
December 2016 Phoebe Hutt Apple Jersey For being such a marvellous understudy at the Big Christmas Sing. Phoebe rose to the challenge and sang beautifully.
January 2017 Zac Powell Oak Squire For his maturity and independence when carrying out his duties for Collective Worship. Zac is always reliable and shows great initiative and common sense. A huge help!
January 2017 Jessie Ward Apple Buckle For working extremely hard to produce an exceptional piece of writing from the point of view of Tutankhamun. Reading it certainly made my day!
May 2017 Emma Flintham Apple Jersey "For being kind and respectful, regardless of if anyone is watching. Her kindness is very much welcomed."
May 2017 Emily Atkins Oak Buckle "For making a consistently fantastic impression on all the adults who work with her. Emily is always positive and puts 100% effort into everything that she does. What a star!"
May 2017 Jess Cresswell Apple Penrose "For her outstanding contribution to all aspects of school life. Jess has done exceptionally well with her speed tables; 100 out of 100 for 20 consecutive weeks. That’s 2000 without a mistake!"
June 2017 Oliver Evans Maple Buckle "Mrs Leonard says that Oliver always listens well and joins in with discussions.  He has been trying really hard with his work - particularly by improving his writing."
June 2017 Isabelle Goddard Beech Jersey "For being extremely kind, considerate and encouraging others. She is fantastic at sport and always gives her all, whilst remaining humble about her many talents."
June 2017 Anabelle Meek Beech Squire "For always putting other people first, working hard and generally being wonderful!  She is always willing to listen to different views, even if she doesn’t agree and is polite and kind to all."
June 2017 Inés Piaget-Thompson Oak Penrose "For her ‘Player of the Tournament’ performance at the Launton 5-a-side. Inés showed her abundant skill and determination, whether in defence or midfield, and made a huge contribution to our victory."
June 2017 Jasmine Kirby Oak Jersey "For her incredible performance at the Launton tournament; scoring her 50th goal for Chesterton before grabbing the winner in the semi-final and both in the final! What a day!"
June 2017 Charlotte Kavanagh Oak Buckle "For playing a huge part in Chesterton Lionesses’ amazing victory at the Launton tournament. Charlotte showed that she was a real team player by agreeing to play in goal... and she only let one in all day!"
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