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Chesterton CE Primary School
Chesterton CE Primary School
Chesterton CE Primary School
Chesterton CE Primary School
Chesterton CE Primary School
Chesterton CE Primary School
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October 2016:
As you will be aware from the competition at the end of last academic year, the school has been reviewing our whole school values, with the aim of adding a sixth value. There was a huge response to the competition to suggest Christian values that reflect our ethos at Chesterton, with entries from children across the school. The pupils had clearly given their entries a lot of time and thought and their explanations were very well-explained and persuasive.

As Christian Values play a fundamentally important role in the life of a Church Of England school, we have been keen to make an informed decision. Our values cannot just be words on the website or on a display; they have to be intrinsic to the life of Chesterton School, reflect the community that we serve and the character of the pupils in our care. Therefore, we have involved advisers from the Diocese, governors, staff and our Collective Worship Pupil Council to decide the best way forward.

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