Chesterton CE Primary School
Chesterton CE Primary School
Chesterton CE Primary School

School and Governor Vision Statements

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School and Governor Vision Statements

  • By working in partnership with parents, we strive to provide an excellent standard of education that engages all pupils through a level of support and challenge that allows every child to realise their potential.

  • To stimulate a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world and to provide children with the independence, aspiration and inspiration to search for knowledge, truth, meaning and a purpose in life.

  • To develop self-esteem and self-belief by celebrating effort and success, helping each child to gain a sense of achievement through their learning and activities both in and out of school.

  • To afford pupils a sense of their own dignity and worth in the eyes of God and a vision of the innate dignity of all humankind.

  • To encourage pupils to develop their skills and values, enabling them to make an increasingly positive contribution to society and environment in which they live.

  • To equip our pupils with the independence, humility and resilience to manage achievements, challenges and difficulties in their own lives and the generosity and compassion to support others at times of need.

  • To broaden horizons for our pupils and staff, through offering, and encouraging involvement in, a wide range of opportunities and adventures both inside and outside the classroom.

  • To embody the Christian experience of community, where we share our gifts; where the emphasis is on what we can contribute, rather than on what we might receive; and where we give according to need.

  • To provide a welcoming, inclusive, positive, nurturing, healthy and safe environment in which we, as a Church of England school community, can flourish regardless of personal background or belief.

  • To encourage our pupils and staff to live out our school Christian values of respect, compassion, resilience, generosity, integrity and humility.

Governor Vision Statement
Chesterton CE Primary School

Term 1: Respect
Term 2: Compassion
Term 3: Resilience
Term 4: Hope
Term 5: Integrity
Term 6: Humility

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