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Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child's school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. The survey can be completed at any time; you don't have to wait until the school is being inspected. We will use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect and when.

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Feedback 2021/22

"I just wanted to write a message to thank you for how amazingly you and the team have handled SATs this week. From ......'s feedback every day, it sounds like they've been more of a fun time than a worry. All the little thoughtful extras really haven't gone unnoticed and we (and especially ......) really appreciate them. Just another wonderful thing you do for your class."
Year 6 Parent, May 2022

"I felt very welcomed by everyone. What a lovely school! I would be happy to "supply" for you in the future."
Supply Teacher, May 2022

"I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you to all the teachers that helped to organise the Beech school trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park yesterday. ...... had an amazing time and hasn’t stopped talking about it."
Year 1 Parent, May 2022

"We wanted to email to pass on our huge thanks to everyone involved in the Beech Class trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. ...... has been looking forward to it for weeks, and has come home full of stories about all the animals he has seen and the great time he had. We know the trip must have taken a lot of time to organise and we are so grateful he has had this opportunity. It is something he will not forget. Please can you thank Mrs Holden-White and all the staff involved for their time and effort? Thank you."
Year 1 Parent, May 2022

"What a thoroughly enjoyable and heart-warming afternoon with an incredible display of teamwork, I was so proud to be a Chesterton parent."

Year 5 Parent, March 2022 (Football tournament)

"I just wanted to say thank you, to you and the team, for a brilliant event yesterday. All three of my boys had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience."
Parent, April 2022

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone involved in organising yesterday's Sportshall Showdown. ...... so enjoyed it! They all did so well and it was great to see them all competing but at the same time, supporting each other."
Maple Parent, April 2022

"Thanks for putting on a great competition yesterday - you could see how much the children were enjoying themselves. ...... too!"
Maple Parent, April 2022

"On a different note I wanted to say a big thank you to you and all of your team for making ......’s first few months with you go so well. She is extremely happy at Chesterton and absolutely loves being part of the school community. From a parent’s point of view, you run a very smooth and impressive operation, with happy pupils and happy staff!"
Year 2 Parent, December 2021

"On another note, we would love to thank everyone for making ...... so welcome since September. She loves the school so much! She often talks about her teachers outside school saying how she must remember to tell them about things she has done."
Maple Class Parent, December 2021

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising such a lovely service this morning. It was a joy to watch and I thought everyone did brilliantly. Thank you for persevering with it and managing it so some of us could there in person."
Year 2 Parent, December 2021

"We thought the Nativity last week was so special; thank you and the team so much for it."
Maple Parent, December 2021

"I would just like to say that it has been a brilliant experience doing the cycle training with Year 6. Great behaviour when representing their school out and about and a superb 'can do' attitude."
Cycling Proficiency Volunteer, December 2021

"I would like to share our enormous thanks and appreciation with you and your wonderful team of teachers and TAs for delivering such magical Christmas nativities! And all on top of the day job. Just brilliant! We don’t doubt the huge amount of effort that goes into such things and it was incredibly special for be able to enjoy this. Thank you very much for all you do to make Chesterton a fabulous school and community."
Lower School Parents, December 2021

"Today's church service was lovely, and it was so nice to be able to see it in person. Thank you for making that possible.
Year 2 Parent, December 2021

"Since she’s been at school, I don’t know how you’ve done it, but she’s amazing us every day. Her zest for learning at home is incredible."
Maple Class Parent, November 2021

"Thank you for showing us around Chesterton School last month. We were really impressed with the atmosphere and your clear enthusiasm for the school and we have just submitted our application with Chesterton as first choice for ...... Now to keep our fingers crossed!"
Prospective Parent, November 2021

"Chesterton school really is a very special place and the new school has so much to live up to. You are a fantastic team who we cannot thank enough for giving ...... & ....... the best start in their academic lives and we shall be sorry to say our farewells."
Leaving Parents, October 2021

"Also just to say to Miss Baxter how pleased we are with how he’s getting on this term so far. His enthusiasm is wonderful to see and I believe we owe it to your amazing teaching. I hope you all have a lovely half term and a well-deserved rest."
Year 3 Parent, October 2021

"We just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mrs Rotherham for her Tuesday morning running club. ...... has loved going and tells us all about how he has ‘not given up’ and ‘kept going’ even when things are hard. It’s been lovely to see his confidence and resilience grow. Please thank Mrs Rotherham for putting it on; we are so happy ...... got to take part."
Year 1 Parent, October 2021

"Dear Pauline, Lynette and everyone there at Chesterton School,
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for all of your clear guidance and help to get ...... setup and integrated (not just physically but from an admin perspective from my side.) Your emails are always clear and straightforward.
We are also overwhelmed by the after school activities that .... can participate in and we would also like to say a thanks to the cooks. .... has said the food is delicious.
Thanks so much, we feel so very lucky that .... is at this school."
Reception Parents, September 2021

"I just wanted to email to say thank you so much to Mr Horner for taking the time to show us round your wonderful school today. We were thoroughly impressed with the calming and engaging atmosphere and enjoyed our experience."
Prospective Parents, September 2021

"..... is already missing school and hopefully .... will attend Chesterton school because we loved this school and all the staff. Best wishes for you and your family and for school. Thank you so much for your help and everything."
Year 6 Parent, July 2021

"Thanks for all your help and support this year. I can't imagine how stressful it has been for you all and you all continue to be at the school gates with smiles on your faces. Thank you so much for the maths challenges you did with Maisie during lockdown. That along with the excellent support she has received from Miss Phillips this year has really helped her realise she is good at something."  
Year 2 Parent, July 2021

"Thank you for your continued support for this year. It has been an exceptionally difficult year for the school and yet it has continued to provide exceptional care for the children."
Year 3 parent, Summer 2021

"It has been a wonderful two and a bit years at Chesterton for ..
We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found you. It is with huge sadness that we have to say an early goodbye to your wonderful school. We can't thank you enough for all the support you've shown us. (Their next school) has a lot to live up to!"
Parent, July 2021

"Thank you for all your incredible positivity and help throughout an extremely unusual and difficult time.  ... and .. so enjoyed this last term."
Reception and Year 3 Parent, July 2021

"We are so grateful for the way that you and your leadership team have dealt with and organised the school in this past year. We have felt very welcome at this school in our daughter's first year, despite all the restrictions on our involvement."
Reception Parent, July 2021

"Good morning at Chesterton Primary School, 
Here are few pics from this morning walk to school through the fields from Kingsmere. It was our first time and really enjoyed the experience and chat with ....
We will definitely repeat it. Thank you for the initiative!
And have a great day." 
Year 1 Parent, June 2021

"I just wanted to drop a quick message to say thank you for yesterday's sports day event.  It was a wonderful experience seeing the children taking part and enjoying themselves. I can't begin to imagine the effort that went into planning this day so please pass on my sincere appreciation to the whole team.  It was great to see the sunshine made an appearance too."
Maple Class Parent, June 2021

"May Day yesterday was absolutely wonderful, we felt so lucky to be involved."
Upper School Parent, May 2021

"Just thought I would email you about how much I enjoyed watching the May Day celebrations this afternoon. Such a lovely tradition and seeing .... and ....really  enjoying themselves as all the children were."
Upper School Parent, May 2021

"We would also like to say that Mrs Leonard has been brilliant.  Great communication and support.  The zoom lessons are great, and the 1-1 reading sessions." 
Maple Parent, March 2021

"Not only have you still had to teach at school but also put additional time and effort into timetables, planning lessons, extra technology and keeping everyone motivated from afar.
I lead Zoom calls on a daily basis and know how hard it can be to engage a room full of adults, I would have no clue when it comes to children. When I've listened to the calls Miss Phillips is in complete control and the kids look engaged and more importantly happy!
We love doing them – so many Chesterton kids seem to put their heart and soul in their Home Learning."
Beech Class Parent, March 2021

"Just a short note to thank you and the team again for all the hard work behind the scenes to keep our children engaged and plugged into education We hope you are loving being back in the classroom. ... is so excited and happy to be back with his school friends and teachers."
Maple Class parents, March 2021

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks for selecting and recognising ... as a certificate winner this week. He's absolutely over the moon, it's given him a real spring in his step and further motivation to drive on through till half term. 
....  and I just wanted to say that we really appreciate all your and the school teams efforts for the opportunities that you've arranged for ... to be part of as much as possible online this term." 
Year 3 Parent, February 2021

"We know that this is not an ideal situation for any child or teacher right now, and the support from the staff working with the students in school, alongside the phonics sessions, and resources sent by Mrs. Leonard have been excellent.
Please pass on our thanks to your staff, who are absolutely going above and beyond at this time to help support the students."
Maple Parent, February 21

"Just a note to say that we, in the ... household, are all thinking of you in the teaching profession at this exceptionally trying time. For what it is worth, I think you all do an amazing job and so I think do what you can and what you do will be enough - our children are resilient and with parental support, love and guidance will bounce back. Hopefully, it will be a fading memory by summer and you can all have a proper break, you certainly deserve it, without having the keep one eye on the news and scrambling about sending emails and sorting work! Stay smiling; you are all heroes!
Rowan Class Parent, January 2021

"I would personally like to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work over the past year. Your professionalism and communication has been hugely appreciated during an immensely challenging year."

Parent, January 2021

"Dear Miss Crockett,
I was lucky enough not to be at work this morning and was in the room during the lesson on zoom and just wanted to say how great it was.  
I am completely in awe of how you keep so many children entertained and can explain things so calmly and kindly.
You are great.  Thank you for everything you are doing for .. and his classmates during this time."
Oak Class Parent, January 2021

"Awesome effort by all to turn it around from face-to-face one day to home-learning the next."
Upper School Parent, January 2021

"To the office 
Just want to say a big thank you to all of you for keeping us informed on all the information we need. Thank you again for all your hard work - much appreciated. Hope you're all keeping well. 
Rowan Class Parent, January 2021

"Have to say the level of organisation and detail that has gone into planning the activities for the week is so good.  Really helped us shape the week and get some structure to learning, I know remote learning wasn't planned so big thank you for all your continued support."
Maple Parent, January 2021

"Thank you for your lovely supportive email to ... She's doing really well, I'm proud of how she's just getting on with it. You guys did an awesome job of spinning it all around after your ONE DAY of using the plans you had done for face-to-face teaching. I think our system works really well."
Upper School Parent, January 2021

"We've got a good routine going at home and the Zoom calls are fantastic! I love listening to them. Especially the phonics lessons, it's good to hear how Miss Phillips teaches them with the sounds and makes explaining things at home a lot easier if that makes sense! 
Thank you all for what you are doing, although the children aren't in school they're not missing out on anything. We couldn't ask for any more, we are very lucky!"
Beech Class Parent, January 2021

"Oh my goodness, the videos are amazing! Thank you so much for all the time and effort that has gone into these, many, many hours I'm sure!
The nativity is so special & the Ash Class Christmas wishes definitely caused a few tears - so beautiful!
Have a wonderful Christmas."
Lower School Parent, December 2020

"Dear Mr Horner and all the teachers,
Slightly belated thank you SO much for all of the effort videoing the nativity, sings, Christmas wishes and endless editing! The extra lengths you all went to at the end of term was very much appreciated. Both children having been reciting 'Twas the night before Christmas' which has been lovely."
Lower School Parent, December 2020

"Watching these made our evening! Brilliant! A fantastic way to end a challenging year. Thank you to you and all the staff for everything in 2020.
Wishing you & your families a Happy Christmas!"

Apple Class Parent, December 2020

"On behalf of myself and ....'s dad we wish to extend our sincere gratitude for the opportunities and experiences you have provided .. with during his first term. He really has grown in confidence and enjoys attending school every day.
Thank you also for the kind gifts, or in ....'s words 'they are awesome'.
Wishing you a healthy and safe Christmas and New Year.
We hope you enjoy the well-deserved break."

Maple Class Parents, December 2020

"Thank you so, so much for all your hard work putting the Christmas videos together.
They are wonderful and I know would have taken hours of work. The videos really made me smile and feel Christmassy.
Hope you get a chance to have a good rest of the Christmas break,
You and your wonderful team are doing an amazing job at these difficult - uncertain times."
Lower School Parent, December 2020

"A note to say thank you for arranging our appointment for a school tour this morning.
Please do also pass on our thanks to Mr Horner for all of the information he shared and for the kind amount of time he spent with us.
What a totally wonderful school it is - we're so excited for...... 
...... and I both joked afterwards that we'd love to return to school after what we found out today!"  
Prospective Parent, November 2020

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Mr Horner for showing me around last week. It was very kind of him to give up so much of his time and I really appreciated the opportunity to properly talk to him and get a good understanding of the school. I was very impressed with what you're all doing there and, even under the circumstances of being outside and observing things from afar, I could tell what a happy school it seems to be."  
Prospective Parent, November 2020

"I just wanted to say thank you for organising the after school football matches this term - it has caused much excitement and sparked dinner conversations in the ...... house!
It was lovely to come and watch the match ......played in, I particularly liked your refereeing/coaching which set a great and supportive atmosphere for the children. 
Many thanks and I look forward to watching the next match!"
Lower School parents, October 2020

"We greatly appreciate that you took so much time out of your schedule to provide such a comprehensive view of life at the school; it is clearly a very happy and nurturing environment. Needless to say we were both hugely impressed."
Prospective Parent, October 2020

"I just want to say how incredibly grateful we are to Chesterton for all you have done for our girls and the amazing start to school life you have provided them with. All of the staff have been so nurturing and supportive and given them such personal care and growth - we couldn't have picked a better school for them to start their education if we tried. A huge thank you to the full team and we know the girls will miss you all a lot."
Lower School parents, September 2020

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